With Mexican food creations to please anyone's palette, our atmosphere will take you to a place of great art, wonderful smells, and a place to meet friends.

Tuesday September 16th is

Celebrate with us as we feature Mexico's National Dish,
Chile en Nogada
This dish was said to be created by nuns in
Puebla for a feast to celebrate the signing
of the Treaty of Cordoba, in 1821.
All the food that day was made to honor
the Mexican flag colors.
A poblano chile stuffed with a picadillo
of ground meat, spices, and fruits and
smothered in a walnut sauce, served at
room temperature and sprinkled with
Pomegranate seeds and a garnish of parsley
Our Recipe came from "El Laurel" restaurant in Oaxaca
We only do this once a year,

but it's back now till the end of September.

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We've updated our brunch menu
and expanded brunch to
New items and a drink list to start your weekend off right.
Everyone has a Bloody Mary on their Brunch menu
Ours has Mezcal in it. You gotta try this one!

A truly unique style of reposado tequila.

Aged 11 months in American oak, then 2 more months in

vintage port casks from Portugal.

With a nose of dried fruit and ripe plums, and tasting notes of

cinnamon, caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

We suggest this as a sipping tequila.

Sample some of the finest tequilas and mezcals out there and learn about these
mythical,and also misunderstood spirits.
Just $12.00 per person and we make sure you get fed along the way.

See and taste what all the BUZZ is about
Every Saturday at the bar from 2-4 pm
Call for info on groups or other times


Try one of our tasty and unique creations.


We  look forward to seeing you soon.

Ask about our Mezcals
Del Maguey
ilegal Mezcal

Wild Shot Mezcal
Los Nahuales
Marca Negra
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